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A Limitless Competitor

Matthew Caldaroni is a High-Performance Resiliency Coach. Through his experiences of working with various professional athletes and elite business professionals, and being an ex-professional soccer player himself, Matthew understands both the highs and lows that are associated with being a competitor. He is one of the first in his craft to tap into the lifestyle of a resilient competitor, versus the psychology, and has found that successful performances go beyond the performance environment.

Matthew started his process of being resilient at the age of 12 years old. From being bullied in school, to being challenged by a youth soccer coach, to playing professional soccer, Matthew would tap into his performances in a way that few others could. By keeping a journal on the processes and habits he possessed to separate himself from the rest, such as finding his Zone and Performance Mindset (Alter Ego), Matthew was able to tap into the performance lifestyle of a high-performance athlete. During his time in university, Matthew would help athletes tap into their Performance Mindset as well, helping them to take their game and competitive level to new heights. After achieving the recognition of All-Male Freshman athlete of the year at UOIT, Matthew went on to secure a professional contract to play soccer in Italy.

Upon his return, Matthew decided to step away from the game of soccer and further his studies by completing his undergraduate degree and becoming a nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for athletes. He further enhanced his knowledge in the "mental toughness," and "performance lifestyle" industry, mentoring with some of the best in the business. In 2015 Matthew opened his first company, Mind-Body Fusion, being one of the first ever companies in Canada to specialize in consulting in the lifestyle habits that high performing resilient individuals possess. By the age of 22 Matthew was working with his first professional athlete (NHL), and since then has worked with over 5, 000 individuals  ranging from youth to professional athletes, and elite business professionals, and has expanded his practices to help multiple teams, and businesses, develop a dominant mindset, taking their game to the next level. Today, Matthew co-owns Mind-Body Fusion, with his brother Chris, speaks at TEDx events, helps businesses, and teams, create a dominant culture, invests in businesses, and continues to cater to the performance needs of athletes. Being a difinitive leader and fierce performer, Matthew became an expert in his field.

Engineer your life around your craft
Matthew Caldaroni blogging about a successful mindset

Dreams, ambitions and goals; everyone has them (at least, I'd hope). Maybe it's something that they've always wanted, something that they've worked hard towards. Great, you've got the idea, now what? Most individuals follow the next step in the process; they write their goals down, create a "master plan," stress and worry about the little things, and before they know it a years gone by and they're still pondering this big, masterful, plan.


The sad reality? All of this planning, talking, and thinking is getting them nowhere. A harsh reality? Sort of, but a reality none the less.

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